Philip is very good looking person, he attracts every girl with his sexy voice and his brown eyes. At first when you meet him, he is shy and dont talk too much about himself, but if u know each other for about 2 weeks, you will see that he is nice person, he can keep secrets very good and he is nice friend. When he have girlfriend he doesnt look for other girls, he is loyal. He doesnt want to go too much in public places because he is introvert and want to be in private places, if u meet him in public place he will act a little shy. So if you get to know him you will see that he is nice and sexy person that u wouldnt want to loose him
Girl1: look at this guy, he is kinda cute.
Girl2: no he is not.
Girl1: lets meet him
Girl2 after 2 weeks: omg i love him so much why is he so sexy!! Philip is my world!
by Picepeace June 4, 2020
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The most amazing person you will ever meet. Tall dark and handsome, sweet and kind. Usually has a manly beard.
eg. That guy is such a Philip!
by missphilly August 7, 2011
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N. a lover of a girl who is in love with the lover
Aleshia is dating Philip, she loves him with her whole heart.
by aleshialovesphilip January 28, 2009
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Noun (n):

The proper name for a man who loves an amazing woman with constancy and passion. Philips are smart and funny, but not above a little stupidity. Their noses tend to reflect the size of their... um... hearts and capacity for love. They also have trouble containing their feelings of love, which can burst out in odd ways; such as love bites. This example may, or may not, be evidence of vampiric tendencies. But in either case having a little antiseptic handy is never a bad idea when involved with a Philip.

Verb (v):

To love or to act as a Philip.
He is such a Philip.
He really philips her.
by SantaP December 13, 2010
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Usualy philips have tiny dicks, they always try to show off what they dont have and try to impress any girls even if their ugly
Philip sucks his tiny dick
by Blabla lol March 28, 2019
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Philip he is 6 foot tall skinny as a rail, yet can eat you out of house and home. He thinks he's the shit. Says and does dumb things, and can annoy the hell out of you to the point that you want punch his lights out. warning can be a hazzard to your life.
Person 1. Man I'm hungry, I want to make some toast.

Action: bread is toasting, puts plastic on top of toaster.

Person 2. Whats that smell? OMG!!! did you really freaking put plastic on the toaster!

What a SPED thats a freaking Philip moment.
by The Shizznator May 12, 2010
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A worthless sack of shit that only helps the people that it likes. Extremely useless and caters only to those who play sports. Breaks rules and refuses to accept any complaints about it.
That guy is a Philip, he's so goddamn useless!
by stephano427 March 1, 2017
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