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Philip is an amazing young lad who is Scottish and hates sluts. Especially those in his grade
He is high achieving and judges everyone.
Philip has a short penis however can be wielded wisely so that it is a magical schlong sword
Philip loves dogs. especially bull terriers.
Philip prefers slow, easy sex because he runs out of breath quickly.
philips penis
by ilovephillip February 04, 2018

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when you are in the wilderness and you have no food or water, so you are left to rely on jacking off, and drinking the hydrating fluid of your penis commonly called SEMEN. The act of eating your children will give you the strength to continue on your journey.
Bear Grylls has excellent survival instincts
by ilovephillip May 04, 2018

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Kink4life 2.0 is where horny teenagers unleash their inner, lustful desires. Topics including foot fetishes, bdsm, food play and riveting adult toys are discussed. In this chat, no one is kink shamed and everyone shares the same desire for knowledge and pleasure, from kinky sex.
I'm going to have to read my bible after reading the messages from the kink4life 2.0 chat!!!!
Kink4life 2.0 is orgasmic!
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by ilovephillip July 23, 2019

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