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A warrior like clan originating from Ireland. The saying in Dublin still to this day, "Never cross a Phibbs" is common. The English hated and despised the warrior like clan so much that they banished those they didn't kill to Australia and Tasmania. Three know brothers excaped to the America's around 1753. The Phibbs statues and memorials were all destroyed during the fighting for Irish freedom by the English.

The Phibbs clan joined with the English in the 1066 war and gained their nobility. Later when Ireland was fighting for their freedom, the Phibbs Clan sided with Ireland and nearly all records of Phibbs have been destroyed for they hated the Phibbs clan for the betrayal.
The Phibbs clan fought against the English during the American Revolution, aided in France for their freedom, fought on both sides of the American civil war.
A Phibbs can be found in a pub or battle field anywhere.
Don't get in his way or mess with him because he's a Phibbs!
by PhibbsClan March 21, 2010
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A verb.

'to phibb' is to do something brilliant, something no normal person would ever be able to do more than once in a lifetime. Most commonly used in sporting (specifically rugby) circles, it can also apply to everyday life.

Derived from the consistent brilliance of ACT Brumbies halfback Patrick Phibbs.

Can be used in either the past (phibbed), present (phibbing) or future (phibb) tense.
-person 1- "That was a ridiculous try hey?"
-person 2- "Yeah he totally phibbed past that fullback"

-person 1- "Wow, how good are the Wallabies playing?"
-person 2- "They are amazing, they've been phibbing from the opening kick"

-person 1- "Ready for the game man?"
-person 2- "Mate, i'm feeling that good today, I reckon i'll phibb all over the place"
by Dave - PPC February 16, 2009
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