Phh refers to Harry Styles’ 2014 hairstyle. His medium length curly hair made him look like a prince.

Ex: Prince hair harry is the best era.
by 5directions_ February 20, 2021
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acronym for 'prince hair harry' (harry styles): when harry styles grew his hair in 2014 and they almost touched his shoulders. the fans call it like that because he looks like a literal prince charming (he's so pretty)
"what's your favourite harry era?"
"oh i love phh"
by yeahhimalouisgirl June 3, 2021
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an abbreviation for the phrase "Paris Hilton Hot," which is an allusion to "hot" as Paris Hilton would mean it
Zach: We're going to mic an acoustic guitar through the plate glass wall and amp it up.
Matt: That's PHH.
by Matt Youngblood March 25, 2006
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Pierre Hugues Husson, an Android developer who popularized Project Treble and Generic System Image
Without PHH, custom ROM development will be time consuming and mood sucking, even though Google introduced Project Treble and Generic System Images
by Sir. B May 6, 2021
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An okay school in peoria as a student id rate it a 7/10
1”Do you go to phhs
2 ”No”
1 “Oh ok
Written by the phhs furry
by The phhs furry December 19, 2021
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