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A girl who's funny, loving, ambitious, and adorable. She always cheers you up if you're sad. She is always loyal and will stick by your side. She is a great friend. Everybody who passes her up is missing out on a lot.
"OML that girl is so nice she is such a Phedra."
"You're so lucky I wish I had a friend that's like a Phedra"
by Piero Romano December 31, 2016
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A Phedra, is just like one of those droopy plants that sits in the corner of your room. You forget about it and never water it but somehow, it still manages to survive and 50 years later it will still be there living. So basically you can never get rid of a Phedra, because it will just be there following you. (this can also occur with people)
Person 1: Hey do you see that girl over there? She's been following me all day, kinda scary really.
Person 2: Oh are you talking about the one that's sort of drooping along, not really looking at anything but just happens to be there?
Person 1: Yeah that's the one i'm talking about.
Person 2: Oh don't worry, just your common Phedra.
by ellicopter_x September 11, 2009
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Phedra is another name for a rhino
most phedras live in the outback but the phedra i no lives 6 doors away. most phedras theses days are lazy and spoilt and always get there own way.
Girl1: Have u seen the Rhino lately??
Girl2: What Phedra??
Girl1: yeh Thats the one the one sits on her fat lazy assall day doin nothing
Girl2: ahh but u didnt mention anything abouther being spoilt
Girl1: Oh Yeh then there is a Rhino called phedra who is lazyand spoilt and she always gets her own way
Girl2: I wish i was a phedra
Girl1: My name is phedra...
by Mezza_Moo July 12, 2009
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