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Phantom Manor, Located in Disneyland Paris (formerly known as Disneyland Euro),Phantom Manor is the European version of the classic Disney attraction The Haunted Mansion. This version unlike any otherHaunted Mansion attraction has a clear storyline about a bride,her father(the phantom) and the husband to-be. The manor was originally narrated in English by Vincent Price but doe to some disagreements with French officials the ride is narrated in French by:Gerard Chevalier. This version is so far (not including to up and coming HKDL version of The Haunted Mansion) that doesn't include the Hitchhiking Ghosts but still has the mirrors that doe show you that a "ghost" is very near you. Also a another fact about this ride that the storyline comes from a mixture of the Haunted Mansion storyline and the storyline of The Phantom of The Opera.
Gosh, Phantom Manor is much more scary then the other Haunted Mansions.
by disneyjunky September 04, 2009
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1.A French version of Disney's Haunted Mansion ride,located in Thunder Mesa aka Frontierland in Paris Disneyland, and is also a little better then the original.

2.This Disneyland ride I hope to go on in a million years from now, maybe never.

3.The story of a damned bride, who's groom was abducted by sinister phantom, and was also hanged.
My friend got nightmares coming home from France because of Phantom Manor.
by phantom5 February 23, 2005
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