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When you are doing a girl from behind in front of a window, you pull out and have a friend with an equal sized penis go in with out her noticing its a different person. You then go out in front of the window and wave much to her surprise as she believes you are behind her.
Dylan was fucking tanya and then had keith take over as he went in front of the window, leaving her to believe she was victim of a phantom fuck.
by moveitleft March 05, 2007
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When doing a girl from behind the guy puts his hands like a mask around his own face, much like a the mask "The Phantom" Is wearing, by putting the thumb and the finger next to it togheter forming a Cirle. The rest of the finger are to point straight out from the cirle then flip it on to your face. (most ppl probobly know how to do this mask) So doing a girl from behind with your hands as a mask over your face. (The girl is not suposed to know whats going on). The Phantom Fuck Has its roots in the swedish music festival "hultsfreds festivalen". Were you got points for phantom fucking girls.
There are many diffrent ways too Phantom Fuck. Ysing only one hand creating a half phantom. Or doing Anal Creating Anal Phantom Fuck. Or my own favorite; Black midget Anal Phanom Fuck. As you might understand this is when you Are giving a colored midget anal sex while doing the phantom.
by Kalle January 26, 2005
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Referring to post-coitus reverberation or throbbing of the vaginal walls. Causing arousal without physical touch.
*after sex*
Wow, it’s like you’re phantom fucking me!
by Lola & Bandit April 10, 2019
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