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After blowing your nose on a tissue, a phantom booger is a booger that did not make it to the tissue and is nowhere to be found. Common destinations of the phantom booger are your arms, hair, face, steering wheel, keyboard, and monitor. Phantom boogers can potentially lead to embarrassment and awkward social situations.
Dude #1: Dude, I just blew my nose and the booger is nowhere to be found!

Dude #2: Dude, it must be a phantom booger!

Dude #1: I must find it!

Dude #2: Dude, it's on your cheek!

Dude #1: o noes!!
by TehTonster October 03, 2008
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After a good nose picking session, the feeling of a booger still being present in the nose cavity.
1st person: Look at that dude,he's been picking his nose for over 20 minutes,dirty cunt.

2nd person: Yeh i know, must be a phantom booger i guess.
by kevtucks January 29, 2009
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A booger that rattles in your nose, you can feel it with your finger, but can't ever seem to extract on your fingertip.
Hold on, I've almost got this monster out of my nose. Oh pity, it's only a phantom booger.
by hewhocreatesnewwords October 08, 2015
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