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The cartoon sound made when an NHL defenseman skates rapidly out of position in an attempt to hit an opposing player, resulting in an own goal.
A loud Phaneuf was heard around the arena as Dion deserted the front of his net to hit Joe Pavelski. Dion then returned to the front of the net to pull the puck from the net.
by BiffVegas January 20, 2010
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1. to cause your team to lose a critical game by causing a goal;

2. to destroy the hopes and dreams of 30 team mates in pursuit of a national title;

3. to let down all of the fans of a team when a win is in sight;

4. to cause an instant GASP heard around the world when you make a very public, fatal blunder;
5. to throw a game.

Similar to "the kick heard around the world," in the Ace Ventura movie.
"They could have won the series and been on to the Stanley Cup finals, but that a-hole phaneufed a gift to the other team."

"That boxer took a bribe and phaneufed, resulting in being kicked out of boxing for life."
by excanuck May 29, 2017
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the male equivalent of a "queaf", whereby a small pocket of air is released from the urethra
Holy shit dude, I was leaning out of the hot tub to brab another beer and the jet shot some air at my junk...not 5 seconds later I phaneuffed some back out!!!
by ho chi mitch September 11, 2012
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