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Azerbaijani offensive slang meaning fuck your kith and kin. Frequently used towards boys who do really bad actions. Most of the time, used with words such as exited, hit, threw, and exteract (used when a person wants to make someone peyser)
He has stolen my wallet, what a peyser.
Because of his actions he exited peyser.
Do it and you'll hit to peyser.
His sister was a bitch therefore he was considered as a peyser.
He threw to peyser when her girlfriend fucked with another boy and he forgave her.
He was the wrong side on discussion as a result of this, true side extracted him peyser.
Tugberk is the greatest peyser ever.
by FCKR23 May 18, 2018
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A curse word meaning fuck your kin and kith. Originates from Azerbaijan. Used in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani communities in Turkey and Russia, and those tought by Azerbaijanis to use it. The direct translation to English is your nape, the area behind your neck. If you want to refer to someones nape you can't (or shouldn't) use peyser because it's too offensive and you might get beaten up, you use kantovka or kant. Don't ever use peyser when you're in Azerbaijan because it's too offensive and you will either a) get beaten up b) become peyser yourself after a discussion with the person you called peyser and his qaqas (boys) or c) both.
FCKR23 is a peyser because he can't use peyser in a sentence correctly.
Pepsi, kola, fanta ... attΔ± kanta. Meaning: Pepsi, kola, fanta (name) threw to his nape.
Roshka became a peyser on video (on YouTube) after the discussion in Sumqayit.
His sister is a whore so he is peyser because of her.
He became peyser after a sΓΆhbΙ™t (discussion) in Kubinka.
There are no peysers from Vasmoy.
I made him peyser after beating him up because he called me a peyser.
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