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A Pettitt is someone who first name is Morgan and loves to have fun! She hates it when people ask her if she is related to Andy Pettite (from the Houston Astros Baseball Team), but says shes related anyways. Pettitt and her best friend love to talk to EXTREMELY attractive booooyyys like JOHN WEAVER (her best friend's hubbbby) & HUNTER NEWELL (her hubbbbbby)! :D Don't worry about Pettitt when it comes to bra size..... there is no doubt she got some buuubbbies (; There are never awkward silences when a Pettitt is around because Pettitt doesn't believe in gay babies. (hahah) Pettitt loves foood and thinks guys with the intials C.Z. are douchebags (says her best friend). Don't hesitate to talk to Pettitt and hangout with her and don't be a douchebag and don't say things are awkward when they're not (just sayinggg!) WHO WOULDN'T LOVE THIS CHICK?! LIKE HONESTLY.... SHES A PETTITT!
That Pettitt is bangin'

Hey dude... have you seen the new Pettitt?

Go ask out Pettitt... she's haaaawwwwwttttt <3

Pettitt be doin' it.
by Morgan&Morgan April 03, 2011
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