An ugly 56-year-old man who is the most evil living thing in all-time history! He sadistically rapes and murders children in extremely brutal ways for no reason. He murdered over 100,000 innocent people and doesn’t care. Peter Scully is probably the Anti-Christ (Son of Satan) and even Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Ivan The Terrible are 1,000 times better than Peter Scully. Peter Scully, you should die from cancer and Ebola.
“Wow Peter Scully, you actually managed to be worse than your father (Satan). I wish that the electric chair was allowed where you live because you deserve it.”
by Dray’s Dictionary December 15, 2019
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A man from the country of Philippines who lured multiple children and tortured them on camera and sold them on the Dark Web. He has since been caught and is in jail. Over the course of many investigations, he has killed dozens of children and made 30k of the Dark Web.
Friend: Who's Peter Scully?
Me: A P\pedo
by MousePadKing November 25, 2019
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