a very talented British musician who has made a very successful solo career. He has experimented greatly with "world music". He gives excellent shows. Hits include "Shock the Monkey", "Games Without Frontiers", "Mercy Street", "Digging in the Dirt", and the #1 "Sledgehammer", which has a killer video.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 21, 2006
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Was the frontman for Genesis from its conception until drummer Phil Collins took over and Gabriel departed. He went on to have a very successful solo career with hits such as 'Solsbury Hill', 'Sledgehammer', and the ausome 'In Your Eyes'.
Peter Gabriel not only gave us Genesis but also 'Shock the Monkey'
by Matty J December 05, 2004
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Ex frontman of Genesis and absolutely brilliant solo artist. All his songs and albums are worth checking out. His work ranges from bombastic power rock(Peter Gabriel 1) to synth pop(SO) to haunting instrumental music(Passion).

All brilliant stuff.
Buy a Peter Gabriel album now, fool!
by NecroGrim August 27, 2005
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To fire a load of cum into an unsuspecting girl's eyes after a blowjob. The term is used as a reference to Peter Gabriel's hit song titled "In Your Eyes." It is also appropriate to sing a verse to the girl after you are done.
Man, Becca sucked me off last night and I told her I was ready to come in her mouth, but I choked my pipe off and back-pressured it and gave her a powerful Peter Gabriel instead. Bitch.
by Wingkong Exchange October 22, 2019
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