1. Most boring waste of time you will ever be forced to endure in high school.
2. Learning how to use your money wisely.
1. Man, I sure hate that Personal Finance class I have to take this trimester!

Yeah dude, I sure wish our school wasn't full of idiots who can't add!

2. This sucks, I've lost over two thousand dollars in the stock market this month!

Dude, you should have hired a jew accountant to handle your Personal Finances, bizznitch!
by Merchantofvenice April 15, 2009
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That class that teaches you how to do taxes and stuff, yet nobody takes it and then go on to complain about how school doesn't teach you about life.
Lars: School ain't teach you sh*t bout life.
Ken: See, if you took your personal finance classes, you wouldn't be saying that.
Lars:*facepalm* I'm an idiot...
by Intelligence001 May 31, 2016
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