Another way to say that someone else is too selfish and egocentric to help other people who are suffering, when preventing that suffering is realistically possible and will not actually harm the person who refuses to intervene and resolve the situation. This is how people justify capitalism and opposition to free healthcare, they put profits over people. People who actually care about other people will argue that pain outweighs pleasure almost all of the time, therefore a homeless person's need for food and shelter is prioritized over a rich person's desire for a lamborghini and a mansion.
It's the homeless person's Personal Responsibility to help himself, not mine. My money and pleasure is more important than his life and well-being.
by sum1withabrain January 2, 2022
Similar to the race card, but used by conservatives.

Something they tout as an answer to every single social issue in existence. Such reasoning is fallacious, however, because in actuality life is much more complicated..
Conservative: If people don't want babies, they shouldn't have sex. That way, abortion wouldn't even be necessary. Think, liberals, think! Personal responsibility, people!
Liberal/Moderate: Ok, so if abortion was banned, it's true that less people would have irresponsible sex, and there might be far fewer abortions. You're right on that one. But what about in cases of rape? You can't mount the "personal responsibility" defense there - people don't choose to get raped.
Conservative: Make abortion legal only in cases of rape then.
L/M: Well how are you supposed to know when the hell she's lying then? You'd be encouraging women to lie. Same problem as before, she just has to employ a different method of getting around it. How are you supposed to distinguish between the liars and the true victims?
Conservative: Polygraph.
L/M: In a perfect world, those things are fully reliable. But they're clearly not. Since we don't live in a perfect world, and polygraphs sometimes fail, we may as well legalize abortion considering that there are many cases where it's very necessary. Of course there are whores who will use it as birth control. But that's unavoidable.
"personal responsibility card"

Personal responsibility is important but it doesn't take into account factors that are outside of the person's control. For instance, conservatives are operating under the assumption that welfare discourages the work ethic and personal responsibility. But what about people with Parkinson's, or similar diseases? What about valuable workers that have been laid off en masse by struggling companies and need aid to get that back on their feet? Are they necessarily lazy and lacking personal responsibility?
by Submitters of Words June 15, 2011
Also know by its abbreviation, PRW.

A subclass of troll (Internet or IRL) who's main purpose in life is to refuse to cut anyone a break ever because of their deep and abiding dedication to personal responsibility.

This rarely extends into their behavior, as they are often the first to flip out and blame other people when they get called on their own shit.
A: "Why the hell should I pay child support? If she wanted a kid she should take personal responsibility for it!"

B: "There goes another Personal Responsibility Warrior who has no idea what the word 'responsibility' means."
by erielhonan July 9, 2017
Personal Awareness and Responsibility involves understanding the connections between personal and social behaviour and well-being; it encourages people to make constructive and ethical decisions and act on them.

People who are personally aware and responsible demonstrate self-respect, persevere in difficult situations, and exercise responsibility. They understand that there are consequences for their decisions and actions. A personally aware and responsible individual takes steps to ensure their well-being, sets goals and monitors progress, regulates emotions and manages stress, and recognizes and advocates for their own rights.
Person 1:I can identify my strengths and limits, find internal motivation, and act on opportunities for self-growth. I take responsibility for making ethical decisions. I am aware of my personal journey and reflect on my experiences as a way of enhancing my well-being and dealing with challenges.
Person 2:so.. your Personal Awareness & Responsibility?
Person 1:yep.
by xile2332 December 2, 2021
A principle that the left utterly despises
The average leftist does not like Personal Responsibility because it forces them to get a job and not live off my tax dollars.
by EPICblogspot January 26, 2023
Hym "Lack of personal responsibility is a blanket term that roughly translates to: 'Expects other people to do for them the things that people are actively and militantly doing for me.... Because I deserve it and they don't.... Because I'm the one who decides who deserves things... Because I'm a prophet.... And those things include shielding me from criticism (or at least doing damage control), platforming me, crediting me in reference, creating opportunities for me, etc...'But no. What I lack is not personal responsibility. It's a lack of the benefits you all accrue from association bias and nepotism. I am perfectly adequately personally responsible. Totally sufficient."
by Hym Iam September 7, 2022