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The closing short story in the I Am Legend compilation by Richard Matheson which brought the classic novel into the 1990s as the closing story is noted for the use of the word asshole. The story that bridges the gap between Stephen King, himself and the modern era where you see myself, Kealan Patrick Burke, Mary Sangiovanni, Trent Zelazny, and others. I am the one the journalists compared to Matheson as I use real places and real cities like he did. Matheson is known for getting crap past the radar where one story he has the line door-to-door whore as this might cause a stir in public schools though might cause a few guys to snicker a bit because of the usage. It's up there with Catcher in the Rye usage of fuck in a modern sense.
Did you read that short story from Richard Matheson from I Am Legend?

Which one is that?
The one where he drops asshole.

Oh crap, don't tell me you're talking about Person to Person!
by Illinoishorrorman January 19, 2018
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