A imaginary person in the Urban Dictionary universe that can be reached by adding yourself in the 𝒚=√-𝒙 or multiplying yourself by i(√-1).

that way you can go into the imaginary part of the universe and meet them (partly Alan Becker reference lol).
Person i: I am the true forgotten one, but one day...

...I'll return to end this once and for all...
by Brocyboi August 8, 2023
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The person I like his name starts with an A and ends with an N and his last name starts with a C and ends with an E ik he won’t like me after last time and I don’t blame him, I hate myself for what I did. If only we could go back to before I broke up with him maybe I would have a better life. He’s the only person bringing me joy right now.
The person I like is the best
by TRaiga July 30, 2021
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The phrase tiktok uses in the comments when the video shows someone confronting the the tiktoker, inciting they would hurt the person in question.
Homeless man: "can you spare 4 bucks for some food?"
Tik tok commenters: "Personally, I wouldn't take that"
by Knight Steaktits June 27, 2022
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When that one guy in the friend group instigates an argument to make a point about themselves
John: that’s why you look like a pineapple
Joe: that’s why you get no bitches
Frien: Aye John you gon’ let him talk to you like that? Personally I would never take that amount of disrespect
by I read dictionaries June 12, 2022
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