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A county in Pennsylvania that is stereotyped to rednecks, a lot of people from this area enjoy hunting, fishing, tractors, and trucks. People from Perry County are usually referred to as hick's, hillbilly's, or rednecks, but you will never find a more friendly group of people.
i can't believe all the rednecks in Perry County.
by a_douche_eating_llama August 04, 2011
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land of the hicks. Their only books are the farmers almanac, playboy, the John Deere catalouge. All they talk about is tractors and guns. and who they want to fuck0but never will on account of their dick...or lack there of
by fucker August 10, 2003
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A rural county in Ohio with only two television channels- The hunting/gun channel, and the Nascar channel. Most people from this are are referred to as drunken rednecks.
Man, Perry County is full of drunken rednecks.
by SWPixy March 06, 2011
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Home of a variety of individuals. Some may include those who talk about tractors or ect. Stop being stereotypical of this region! It's sickening!
by killa February 27, 2005
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A rural place in Pennsylvania where everyone is talking about women, tractors, trucks, or guns. A place where it is acceptable to get drunk and fuck a sheep.
Did you hear about the boy who had sex with his dog? He must be from perry county.
by Cleatus M. January 19, 2018
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