“I think, if you look up ‘perfect relationship’ in the dictionary, you might just see a photo of myself and Eve.”
-Lucifer Morningstar, Season 4, Episode 8 “Super Bad Boyfriend
It Eve and Lucifer, the first and the most perfect relationship.
by EmoNightmare June 6, 2019
When two people can facetime each other and act like complete idiots and still love each other.
Will: Does something stupid
Kylie: Laughs then does something else stupid
Both: Die inside and love each other
Others: Wow look at that perfect relationship
by CrazyWillster January 31, 2019
The perfect relationship requires three things.....having the best sex, being best friends and having a similar outlook on life.

Even if you have two of the three things, that relationship will not be completely satisfying and probably will not last.
You have the best sex and are best friends but dont have a similar outlook on life.......it's not a perfect relationship and probably will not last!

You are best friends and have a similar outlook on life but dont have the best sex......it's not a perfect relationship and probably will not last!

You have the best sex and have a simlar outlook on life but are not best friends......it's not a perfect relationship and probably will not last!
by Archeo Bob August 24, 2009
1.the best relationship someone would ever be in and hopefully the only one.

2.living life to its fullest and having many perfect moments.

3.being with the one you completely admire and adore...willing to do anything for that person
wow...have you seen sye and kaylee,they are like in the perfect relationship!
by Sye White July 5, 2008
Anytime two people can be together infinitely and never get bored or angry and constantly want to see each other. This is the best feeling in the world. If you have it. Never ruin it.
Wow! Cody and Mackenzie have the most perfect relationship ever.