Ted: "Wow, our democracy is now nothing but a "People's Choice Award." We quit caring about background, character, intelligence or other intangibles, and simply pick the most entertaining white guy."
Russ: "Yep, Trump is no Lincoln, Eisenhower or FDR. I guess half the country finds him entertaining enough to be leader of the free world."
Ted: "Makes great sense, doesn't it? You don't think the rest of the world is both freaking out and laughing at us at the same time, do you?"
by hodags1966 November 12, 2020
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A group of five friends who are unique as indivuals and when unified. People of Choice are your preferred and reliable source of friendship
I wish my People of Choice were here
by squadsunite March 14, 2017
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A group of friends who you can rely on to accompany you at a social function
I wish my people of choice were here, now who am I going to chill with?
by squadsunite March 14, 2017
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A legal statute in Canada that affords a defendants ability to a fair trial. With the invocation of it, defendants are allowed to express themselves at a court level to avoid a mistrial. Some of the most common rights granted by this act are the abilities to smoke and swear in court
Ricky: "Your majesty, I would like to make a request under the People's freedom of choices and voices act that I be able to smoke and swear in your court. If I can't smoke and swear in your court, I can't represent myself at a court level and that's a fuckin' mistrial!"

Judge: "Richard, you have permission to smoke and swear in my courtroom, but please be advised, this is not a carnival."
by Drunkcrazyfuckinglunatic June 23, 2018
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Any group of tossers that self proclaim their greatness by assuming the collective title of "Peoples Choice". Usually participate in QuietThunder, if not it is because they are also known to suffer from permaflop.
Oh man, i would rather sit on the grenade than deal with the "Peoples Choice"
by the fan February 16, 2005
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