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Penolphobia: The fear of losing your penis. Therefore you have to constantly having to check that it is still there. Also with the outcome of bruising and injuring the shaft or head of the penis. There have been rare cases of ripping and tearing to point of bleeding. Little boys from the ages of 3 to 9 are prone to this behavior. This phobia may be the cause of parents telling their son's, "if you keep touching yourself, your tweeter will fall off."
Psychologist: "So it's Mr. Bruce Johnson. Tell me a little about yourself."

Mr. Johnson: "I have Penolphobia"

Psychologist: "And what is that exactly?"

Mr. Johnson: "Well every since I was young, I've had this feeling that my penis was going to fall off."

Psychologist: "Well let me insure you that this will never physically happen. Remember every action has a reaction."

Mr. Johnson: "What the f#*k does that to do with anything."
by Dark Spectrum January 12, 2017
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