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A jackass. Someone who is probably your close friend that you wish would just go away. A person who makes stupid ass decisions.
Dude, you're a fucking penisman.

What are you...a penisman?

Yo penisman!

Hey penis person, look at that stupid penisman.

Hey penisman! Go pound that peniswoman!
by Tha Cannon February 19, 2010
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A raver also known as Scribbles.
The PenisMan always wears a giant Penis outfit at raves/clubs/parties or any other location he may be.
Dude, did you see the PenisMan? He's such a dick!
by Scribbles AKA Penis Man May 05, 2008
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Mr. Collins’s worst enemy, ahhhhh, screamed the small man, as the Penis Man roared very loudly
Ahhh run Connor! It’s penis man
by Large Cheese 420 January 11, 2020
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an arrogant, insenitive, annoying jerk.mostly, but not always, short and blad. thinks he is the studliest dude in the room.
paul is the biggest penis man in the room
by sandra December 20, 2003
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penis man is when you are fucking a girl in 69 position and you stick a stick up her vagina so far up her that it comes out of her mouth, making it look like a little man spawned in her mouth
"hey girl, i'd pull a penis man on you any time
by yeeter skeeter March 09, 2019
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Penis Man

Penis Man
Does whatever a penis can
Slings his nut, any size
Always aims for your eyes

Here comes the penis man
Don’t get caught by penis man he’ll sling his nut in your eyes
by Slicedbapdrs January 17, 2020
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