term used for somebody stupid/ignorant or annoying, or a man with two wieners that can pleasure a girl very good through both holes, but only has one big nut.
A girl saying "wow that peniscock was good last night, my anus AND vagina hurts." Or a dad saying to his son "go clean off the the kitchen table you peniscock!"
by peniscock August 9, 2008
Black Peniscock is my favorite type of cock. It's oversized and has chocolate flavor on the outside. But there's a special surprise on the inside with delicious creamy feeling.
"Fortnite Black Peniscock poggers."
by Your Mom Shlong April 20, 2021
it is a penis combined wuth cocj
njknlhh: i kuje syck dickt and a agge peniscock
sntgakjlhgb: kujew shittsing???
by blast shidding January 25, 2022