The place that everyone wants to leave. It's the black hole of suburbia. The high school graduates 91% of all students and yet everyone still hates it and thinks they're getting a far worse education than the inner city. Everyone is unappreciative and everyone wants more. The main attraction of the entire town is Wegmans, a grocery store where nearly half of high school students are employed. There's nothing to do, and most kids turn to alcohol and marijuana for sufficient entertainment. A very generic, dominantly white suburban town in upstate New York.
Penfield is the exact same as every other suburb in Rochester, and we still think we're better.
by The great an0nymous March 03, 2011
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a school with lots intellectual kids, who are good writers and are interested in worldy/cultural ideas. a school for the open-minded. everybody at penfield is very educated.
those penfield kids are really smart!
by anon. May 23, 2004
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A school filled with dumbass stoners and nicotine fiends. The entire school is killing themselves and getting high.
Penfield high school is where dreams (and people) go to die.
by Lil Dickie! May 29, 2018
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