Somebody you meet online (usually on a dating app) that you never actually meet in person. So you continue to have conversations without it ever leading anywhere.
I spent my night catching up with my pen pals on Tinder.
by CovenGirl April 10, 2020
A pen pal is a person with whom one becomes friends by exchanging letters via mail
Kellin: "yay, my letter from my pen pal from sweden just came in!"
Mom: "What did she say sweetie?"
by niall's mofo November 19, 2012
A guy who only text during work hours when he's trying to kill time. The conversations are normaaly generic in detail and he often asks to hang out without any indication of when that will be. During the weekend or after work hours the pen pal is unavailable and if he does wanna see you, it's to come over to your house with intentions of having sex.
Jane: pen pal is texting you? Who's that?

Beckie: I don't know who exactly but if we don't go out or talk when I'm off work I just call them my pen pal. They kill time when I'm bored.
by BeckiMorgan December 30, 2014
a predominately text based friendship. To treat someone like a friend over text but barley given them any recognition in person
He’s not really a friend but more of a pen-pal
by TheWrong-Robin August 20, 2021
A pen pal (acronym: PP) is the most sublime and superior form of connection, especially and specifically in comparison to any rival pen pals (acronym: RPP).
Dear pen pal, also in true RPP style let’s organise this visit to Sebastian for our very first day together.
- your quarantined pen pal ✍️
by November 6, 2020
A pal that you are comfortable enough to touch dicks with.
Jimmy: Hey dad, wanna see my pen pal?
Dad: Well sure why not bring him on in.
Dave: Alright Jimmy, are you ready?
Jimmy: Ready Dave:
(Dick touching)
Dad: Jesus Fuck!
by jdupon21 January 3, 2010
Canada is a great place, you can meet pen pals in both Kingston Ontario and Prince Albert Saskatchewan.
by obyrned August 26, 2006