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He was a smart, bright and intelligent young man who got bullied every day in his short life.
Pekka-Eric Auvinen hated the world.
by joXXey November 07, 2009
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Pekka-Eric Auvinen is the Finnish perpetrator responsible for the school shooting in 7th of November 2007. The Incident took place in the Jokela School Center.

At approx. 11.40 AM Auvinen started shooting randomly with his small-caliber .22 Sig Sauer Mosquito, killing the school principal, nurse, six students and finally extracted himself from this great applegarden via a bullet in the head.

Finnish newspapers reported that the killer had great respect for the columbine shooters and may have followed their example. Before attaining his killing spree, Auvinen published his "testament" in popular Finnish website, similar to Facebook and MySpace.
The testament is a long-ass rant about how he hates humanity altogether and wishes death for mankind. In here he also reported what he was about to do, a few hours before it happened. The warning went unnoticed though.

In the aftermath of the killings, a UK newspaper The Times reported some nonsense, claiming that the reason for killing is because Finland is dark, cold and socially bad place. This is however untrue. We do live in frozen caves and ride polar bears to supermarkets. The electricity what we use to reload our Nokia cellphones is respectively provided by Thor, the almighty God of Thunder. But what is this internet the Times reporter mentioned? some form of witchery, perhaps?
Man: Heard about the school shooting yet? Pekka-Eric Auvinen did it.

Woman: Yes, terrible tragedy! I have been crying most of the day...

Man: Yes yes, very terrible and all that. So, how about that blowjob?
by Perkeleellinen November 09, 2007
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