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A Peirson is very rare; you don't come upon one often. He seems really nerdy and shy at first but he's pretty dark-humored. Though he seems like a nerd, everyone wants to talk to him. He's comical and he knows it- but he can be a bit egotistical. Like, he's one of those kids who checks his reflection each time he walks past a car window. Be careful not to feed his ego, like by complimenting his hair. He's obsessed with hair.

You're always gonna find yourself laughing along with a Peirson
"That kid Peirson is stupid but I love him"

"Peirson, stop checking your reflection in the car window"
by Chickenjoy May 23, 2019
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A white person pacifist

Extremely rude

Always aggressive

Plays terrible video games
" Don't be a Peirson"

"We'll run those Peirsons outta town for good this time"

" That peirson will never get laid"
by NotaWeeb October 26, 2017
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