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Pehal is very unique, super talented and beautiful from the inside and outside. Everyone needs themselves a Pehal, Pehal is super smart, and a future billionaire. She's funny and likes to be around smart people. She is super talented in everything. She can comfort you easily. She's has a real good sense of humor and is savage af. She might act like a child outside but inside she is a super mature and smart person. She sings like an angel and if she's around you, trust me, you're blessed. She's real good in bed and hate's admitting it. She hates everyone sometimes but heh.
She's really cool, savage, and funny girl. She's that type of girl who can roast anyone in seconds. She's a really successful billionaire.

Pehal is extremely BEAUTIFUL. Pehal has an amazing sense of humor, she's very pretty, smiles all the time and will always have your back. She is very loyal and can keep even the biggest secrets. Pehal is a very love able girl. She's really sweet and nice. It may seem like nothing bad or sad is going on in her life because of her personality but there truly is ALOT going on. She may cry at night but when you see her, she smiles and hides away all the pain. She puts other peoples happiness in front of hers. She's amazing at singing and shes a goddess. Any guy would be lucky to have her and any girl would be lucky to be her friend. She's someone you'd want to be with for the rest of your life. She's always there for you and will always be your best friend.
Omg Pehal is so savage she roasted that guy so bad he pissed his pants!!
by liljellybean May 02, 2018
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A person who is ALWAYS right.
She grows money tree heh, she got a lot of guap and clout.
Loves street fashion and is a trendsetter.
Open-minded and wants to change the world for good.
A Mastermind and very observant.
Very grateful for everything the god as given her.
She finds people who live in the past disgusting.
Has the capacity to become billionaire in a year and no, this is NOT an exaggeration.
She is a Feminist and an Activist, and can manipulate people very easily.
She is so good at proving her point, she's definitely a pehal-girl.
by liljellybean July 11, 2018
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