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1. A female with a strap-on performing penetrative sex on a man's behind.

2. A person from winnipeg, MB.
Guy: I love peggers.

Girl: I just happen to be a winnipeg slut and love to do guys in the bum.

Guy: Awesome, I don't believe in condoms or meaningful sex either.

Girl: You'd fit right in with us up there.
by Yorbasgorb June 03, 2011
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A pegger is an Indian version of a kegger, but instead of drinking beers, hard liquor is consumed in large quantities (typically whisky and water).

The word Peg is the Indian word for a hard drink.

Peggers are typically enjoyed with punjabi music and fish.
Let's get some bottles of scotch and have ourselves a pegger.

Let's round up the boys and have a pegger.

That pegger with the braincast was too lit.
by Desi Jatt 44 December 30, 2016
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A Pegger is a person who runs around and robs underwear off peoples washing lines and wears them
"Im a Dirty Pegger"
"Another one of those darn peggers stole tomorrows boxers!!"
by Craig-the-Lemur May 19, 2006
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