The most common type of Filipino online gamer, having one or more of these characteristics:
1. Toxic - always spouts foul Filipino words; threatens to disrupt the game/experience if he does not gets his way, like AFK-ing, griefing or abandoning.
2. Superiority Complex - they are the same ones who think that Filipinos are the best race in the world.
3. "Pabida" - he always wants to be under the spotlight; would rather have good stats than a good game.

They are known to be the most cancerous kind of online gamers, even giving reputation to SEA as the most toxic region on most popular online games. What sets them apart from your typical toxic gamer is that they are extremely aggressive, and if they have a microphone, they will not stop screaming "PUTANG INA MO BOBO".
Allied Dazzle accidentally picks up the kill...
(Direct TL: Motherfucking noob why did you get my kill idiot")

Peenoise gets skillfully sniped from middle-doors in Dust 2...
Peenoise *screams from mic*: "PUTANG INA HACKER YUN PUTA ALIS AKO MGA BOBO"
(Direct TL: Motherfucker, he's a hacker. Fuck, I quit, idiots.)
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Peenoise is a name given to pinoy players in DOTA 2. It is mostly used as insult to players who are not doing well in the game.
Oh my god you stupid peenoise blaming lag all the time.
by KingH0neydewBalls July 15, 2016
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A term used to fucking make fun of those fucking gay faggot Filipinos
"Ube roll video"
Peenoise dude : when he said japanese recipe I was very angry
A fucking regular dude : shut the fuck up peenoise its annoying
by Shitty spy main February 27, 2021
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