needing to go pee
used in a sentence{Go pee or your peeness will fall out.}
by Rachel December 11, 2003
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When you have to pee really bad and you're talking about it.
If I sit like this I can't feel the peeness.

Note: someone actually said the above sentence without realizing what they had just said
by Princess Crime Mob January 11, 2005
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A word a person uses who's to chicken to say penis, or is to stupid to know how to spell penis. Or have a small penis themselves and named it "pee ness" to make it sound larger, fail.
person 1: HeY lOoK AT MY PEE NESS
person 2: you mean penis? what are you 2?
by pedo1245 May 23, 2011
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(noun) smell of extremely, disgusting pee that comes from guy's bathrooms

(noun) state you're in when something sucks
1. this sucks! PEE-NESS

2. *walking pass boys bathroom
"what's that smell? ewww its....PEE-NESS"
by bugirlito3 September 01, 2011
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