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Not being up front, being scornful or vengeful.
being a little BITCH when it comes to handling situations ... SPEAK FROM YOUR CHEST
being the reason you now hate your ex
You know when a girl just sighs, like unnecessarily the whole time killing the vibe of the night with no real intention of telling you whats wrong ... yah you a peachflame
by petey black April 18, 2013
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When you fall and scrape your ass cheeks. It feels like rug burn.
Kid 1: β€œdude why’re you walking so funny?”
Kid 2: β€œI was running around bare ass naked last night and scraped my ass on the sidewalk. I’ve got major peachflame”
by ArabCracker November 14, 2018
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when your vagina is burning cause your pee is hot
It felt like a peachflame.
by Anonymous302poop March 23, 2016
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