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A delicious - yet somewhat feminine - Schnapps with a strong peach flavour. Bols makes many Schnapps and the peach is very sweet and tasty. Nice on its on with rocks or delicious served in a mix to make a Fuzzy Navel.
Max (born male): "Could you order me a Peach Schnapps neat please."
Scott: "Pardon!"
Max (born male): "Could you order me a Peach Schnapps....neat please."
Scott: "You better order that one yourself girl, I don't need to get kicked out of here...I'd gladly get you a feminine napkin from the washroom though Nancy boy.
by psiscott April 11, 2006
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The crisp edge of schnapps combined with the delicious aroma and taste of peaches. It is oh so peachy; a fuzzy navel stapler.
Peach Schnapps... dink responsifly. >:z (heave)
by dr. toofess April 12, 2013
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