ugly, anoying, and two faced. some people think that he has a little bit of a gay backround with close friends. watch out for a guy named patrick
my friend patrick just broke up with his girl friend and came out with his gayness.
by stella8937759374r504 April 26, 2010
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A HUGE FUCKING FAGGOT PEICE OF SHIT, Who Is A Complete Cunt of A dude, just a man that you want to beat the shit out of. Thank you

A Patrick Hater
"Wow Hes Such A Fucking Patrick"

*Gets Beat Up*
"Yeah Fuck That Kid"
by Idk, Fuck You February 13, 2017
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An ugly mo fo that thinks he knows everything. More than likely, still a VIRGIN!
Someone that needs to get a life!
Patrick is a dumb ass!
by right people usa August 30, 2008
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patrik| noun
Six foot, one hundred and eighty pounds of unadulterated douche. For reasons of jealousy, he hates on precious princesses. This irrational hatred could also be attributed to his longing for a title that rates highly from an alliteration perspective. Patrick’s possesses a homoeotic demeanor, which, is expressed in the form of exaggerated hand gestures, strutting and twirling. Patrick can be seen prancing around his office sporting what some would deem ‘poor drag queen attire’ i.e. a plastic bag and grey wig combo. Unbeknown to onlookers, this embarrassing act is in fact a hunting ritual for spare cake.
That one there, that's Patrick. He is one of the dumbest girls you will ever meet.”
by Aimss December 16, 2013
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Sometimes can be cool, but other times can be a real dick head. Acts perverted often. Brags about everything he wins, and doesn't admit if he loses. A cool guy mostly. He has many friends, likes sports, and makes untruthful accusations and assumptions on what he has no idea about.
"Omg that guy is acting so patrick!"
"Dude stop being patrick."
"Don't be like patrick, it's not cool."
by I_am_the_truth_bringer January 12, 2010
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Patrick is the name of a strong man, in every sense of the word. His shoulders are broad both literally and metaphorically. He can shoulder the biggest of burdens while simultaneously lifting you over his head one-handed, and he makes it look easy.

Patrick's are the smoothest of talkers with eyes that can see into anyone's heart. Often times this can lead them down hard roads when their need to help others surpasses their need to care for themselves.

Patrick's are "old souls" who enjoy music and dancing and will do anything to make you laugh or even just smile for a moment. They are determined and hard-working, and ALWAYS get what they want.
An experience with a Patrick will be a memory to last a lifetime, so make sure it's a good one. If you are lucky enough to date a Patrick, marry him, they are once in a lifetime guys.
Girl one: Who is that stud?

Girl two: Oh, that's my Patrick.

#patrick #thatstud #thoseeyes #thatsmile
by PrincessTay September 14, 2017
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