Vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Fall Out Boy. He has large sideburns. He wears glasses and hats most of the time.
Patrick sang so well at the show last night!
by clicheeeeeeee April 29, 2005
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1. Accidental lead singer of the (unbiasedly) BEST band ever; Fall Out Boy :D (He originally auditioned to be the DRUMMER. But everyone knows that.)
2. UNSurprisingly Sexaayy ;DD Lool. :
3. One of the best damn voices ANYONE has ever heard. ;
"Patrick is one of the baddest dudes I've seen in a long time... He has a great voice -- very soulful." - as said by Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, in a Rolling Stones interview.
Ah. Hehm. I think I've proved my point x
4. TRADEMARKS :D - His AMAZING collection of hats and those oh so sexaay sideburns. Hell yesss! ;DD
4. His birthday - April 27th..that's soon! Better start saving then.. xD
5. He was born on that day (April 27th) in 1984, Glenview, Illinois.
6. Full name; Originally - Patrick Matrin Stumph. NOW - PATRICK VAUGHN STUMP. He dropped the 'h' so TARDs like me could pronounce it properly. xD (and changed his middle name to Vaughn for recording purposes apparently.)
7. He hates barbeque sauce. Little known fact. FOB fans will know what I'm talking about..hopefully.
8. His favourite colour is ORANGE :

I don't think I should dwell on the subject of PATRICK STUMP too long.. xD I have loads more facts ;DD

Patrick Stump dislikes being called Pat because that's his moms name.


PATRICK STUMP has range. Ohh, he has range like no motherfcuker knows. ;DD
by icecreamheadaches. <3 April 14, 2009
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1) The leader singer of fall out boy.
2) A 30 year old man that has worn many hats in his days yet rocks the fedora everytime.
3) A cuddly man who's hip rolls during sugar were going down swing in' gives feels to all fangirls.
"Whos the short man who can't reach his microphone stand?" "Oh that's just Patrick stump, Pete's gotta help him with his stand."
by Theshadypenguin August 12, 2014
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1) The most cutest guy in the best band evor: FALL OUT BOY
Pat is like the pillsburry doughboy, a LITTLE chubby, too cute, and wen u push his belly he goes HMM! HMM!, pat just makes u go aww

Plus: I love his Hair and Voice
by Phuong ROX! September 01, 2004
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1.) The HOT, hat-wearing lead singer of Fall Out Boy
2.) See sexual (:
3.) Best damn singer you'll ever hear who makes you over drool from hotness overload
Me: i love you patrick. You are too sexy for words
Patrick: thanks
Me: hehe
Patrick: hehe
Me: hehe
Patrick: wanna go fuck?
Me: yes!!

Patrick Stump wants to fuck me and I am fine with that!
by Patrick Stump's gf May 24, 2008
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The hottest, sexiest, cutest, and most lovable guy in Fall Out Boy. He sings the lead vocals for FOB, and also writes the music. Patrick has the HOTTEST sideburns I've ever seen, and is most often wearing a hat. Patrick is a great singer who has also done the back up vocals in a Gym Class Heroes song, Cupids Chokehold.
by Winde, the great May 28, 2006
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