When you manage to get your own wife and the neighbors wife pregnant at the same time.
John's wife and his neighbors wife are both expecting!!! Sounds like he got himself a Pat Trick!
by Timmmmmaaaaaaayyyyyyyy March 31, 2011
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The achivement when an individual player wins the league’s championship trophy 3 times in a row, on a minimum of two different teams. Named for Pat McCaw and Pat Maroon, who are the most recent players to accomplish this feat in the NBA and NHL respectively.
If his team wins again this year, he’ll have pulled off a Pat Trick.
by BagOfGroceries July 9, 2021
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The act in soccer when someone scores 4 goals in one game. Kind of like a hat trick but more awesome
Beninho: woah bro those 4 goals yesterday were awesome

Slivery: yea bro i think that was his first pat trick, he's so good im sure he'll make other ones
by Patinho October 8, 2013
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The hockey act of scoring a goal and getting an assist in a single game, combined with a post-game shower beer.
Too bad he didn't get the Gordie Howe hat trick tonight. He'll have to settle for the Pat Trick with a post gamer in the shower.
by Wolfstra March 18, 2014
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