The "Passport Bros" are men who have chosen to seek out foreign women, typically from other countries, for relationships. They believe that western women have been influenced by cultural and societal pressures to behave in a certain way, and that by seeking out foreign women, they can find a more authentic, fulfilling, and harmonious relationship. This is seen as a way to restore the natural balance between masculine and feminine energy, and to avoid the "wickedness" of western women.
"Mike has been traveling to different countries for the past year and has earned himself the nickname "Passport Bros" among his friends, due to his tendency to only date foreign women."
by Gladio February 12, 2023
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Men who understand that western women have drunk the cool aid pass the point of no return, and got their passports to enjoy happiness and peace with fit, friendly foreign women
And the Lord said “God bless the Passport Bros, for they have avoided thy wickedest American women and achieved nirvana with feminine foreign women, restoring the natural balance between feminine and masculine and breeding out/leaving in the dust thy wicked western shemen
by Jayy5555 August 29, 2022
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Literal incels who have fallen into the trance of a certain british/romanian trafficker, believing that they are above western women in that they still seek traditional relationship values…. Those values being that women are to remain submissive and stupid, while the big strong men can have their way with whatever they want. These particular men are sad that they dont get any play outside of the women they claim to be “hoes”, since everyone else despises those who act the way they do and reject any form of romantic connection with them. What a shame. “Passport Bros” are an embarrassment to both western AND eastern society. Everyone other than their equally as intellectually-challenged friends sees them for what they are- losers who think they deserve servitude from women. But since they cant find that over here, they of course resort to preying on young women in foreign countries (most prominently eastern asian ones :| … how surprising). Them taking advantage of their lower positions and masking it as seeking to bask in new cultures, societal values, and AHEM women, is certainly what makes passport bros who they are. Leave the country. We dont want you here anyway lol
One time my ex posted a pic on instagram of her wearing a crop topi just cant take it anymore!!!! I need me a woman who knows how to sit there and look pretty for me while *I* scroll instagram and look at other women in their underwear!!
Hmmmm… i know! I’ll just become one of those “Passport Bros”!!!!! XD
by TheRealBatmanButLikeActually August 29, 2023
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Passport bros are a new phenomenon of Western men who are deciding to go to Asia and elsewhere to find traditional / feminine women to wife up because they are either annoyed at the insanely high standards that modern Western women hold, or they don't share the extreme woke values, or because western women can be hypocrites who want a provider man but they won't clean or cook.

Passport bros are a variation of MGTOW movement, but the passport variant are men who still want to wife up good women instead of rejecting marriage altogether. Passport bros believe that certain women are worthy of marriage and that both husband and wife should contribute to the marriage in some way.
Person 1: Bro the girl on Tinder says I must be 6ft tall, 6 pack, 6 figure income, pay for all her gifts but she won't cook or clean

Person 2: dude, just become passport bros like me. My wife is foreign and we are happily married for 5 years so far.
by Habibicatty February 12, 2023
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Men in the west who understand that the west (particularly the U.S.) is a sinking ship, both financially and culturally, and therefore, choose to live in countries where their money goes further and they're treated with more respect, particularly by women.

Passport Bros understand that their lives would be better in places like Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, because strong family values are still seen as the norm in places like that. Hook-up culture isn't as rampant in those parts of the world, and thus, the population, especially the women, are far less damaged. They create better and stronger family units.

Passport Bros tend to get "bullied" by western women, who, ironically, prove why those Passport Bros exist in the first place. And for some reason, black men are the primary target of that bullying, though men of all races, especially men with the money to do so, are leaving the west for a better life abroad. Perhaps the bullying comes from the fact that it's the men with money, the men that these women want the most, that are the ones leaving.
The Passport Bros are finding greener pastures and happier, less stressful, more peaceful lives outside of places like USA, Canada, and the UK.
by Common Sense 7 February 26, 2023
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Passport Bro phenomenon is of men who are tired of the 80/20 pareto rule in dating and are choosing to go abroad to Asia (mainly Southeast Asia) where women appreciate their value more. This is due to Hoeflation, as explained elsewhere.

The Austrian school of economics believes any increase in the money supply not supported by an increase in the production of goods and services leads to an increase in prices.

Likewise, suppose there is an increase in the quality of men but no increase in the quality of women. This causes an increase in the demand for good women as there is a decent amount of good men. Thus, the price of good women will now increase.

Remember the law of demand (the law of demand states that quantity purchased varies inversely with price), so men will go where there value is appreciated more where they do not have to deal with enormous rip-offs.

The decline in quality of Western women and the rise of quality in Asian women is as stark as the takeover of Japanese automobiles being more valuable than American automobiles around the 1980s. More value for one's money, a greater return on an investment (ROI - more bang for your buck).
Friend 1: Im sick of being rejected

Friend 2: duuude just become a Passport Bro like me
by davidmilldurger March 31, 2023
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Men who's only means of attracting women is through financial exploitation. This is the only tool in their kit so they fly to overexploited nations where women have less financial standing and show off twenty dollars here or there to get women's attention. Unironically they don't like gold diggers in places like the United States but they're fine giving their money away to women who'll do anything for their coins because they need to buy food to feed their families. It's basically international prostitution with less oversight
Trent can't get women in his country. He says their standards are too high so he became one of those passport bros and flew to Brazil
by datplayatwo January 17, 2023
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