Pasar is a friend you will only find once in your lifetime.
The most stupid and funny things you experienced probably happened with her.
A heart of gold that's whats makes her special.
Although her roots are arabic she looks like a chinese but she still has a nice booty.
If you are friends with a Pasar you should never ever let her go.
Ayy, Bro have you already seen Pasar today it's so boring without her??
Noo, she is probably makin some lahmacun or cruisin with Hamudi!!
by baerbel December 1, 2018
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Biggest Cudi fan you'll ever known and you'll ever meet
Dude you're almost as big of a cudi fan as Pasar, but not big enough bitch.
by cud life October 11, 2013
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A malay term of a night market, usually a dirty and messy road with lots of stalls and shops along the sides, selling but not limited to imitation, cheap or brandless apparels.

Usually infested with fags with no taste or bimbo girls who desperately wanna fill up their wardrobes with pure crap.
YT: hey aug LMAO!! i caught Ang bargaining with this old lady on a fake von dutch cap at that pasar malam at bugis road.

Aug: You "caught" him? like u were in line behind him at the pasar malam? rofl?

Aug: You there?
by LiquidfusioNz October 28, 2005
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A slang term originated from the language Bengali. It is used to describe an "asshole".

Pasar - Ass'
Cheedro - "Hole"
"She just ignored me!"
"Pasar-cheedros these days . ."
by Ms.FunPocketSize October 16, 2011
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