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An awesome,sweet,amazing,pretty,girl who is a great friend. She is loveable and sensitive too, so be nice.
Brianna: She's such a great friend!
Sally: Well her name is Parvathy
by CorryWillson April 11, 2009
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Parvathy is the Prettiest, and the most sweetest girl, one can ever find.She tends to love being called beautiful. She generally tends to be multi talented.Parvathy is fun and quite upbeat. She is often known as a Fashionista where ever she goes.She is a beautiful cook, and loves the idea of being accepted by people as how she really is. Parvathy has beautiful eyes, and if you are talking to her, you better careful,or you might just get lost in her eyes. If it not for her eyes, you will be staring at her lips. People who fall for her are generally those of the opposite sex, and those who are into sports.She falls for people of opposite sex, who have really good hair, and those who are interested in both Arts and Sports. Even though she does not do sports, she loves enjoying sports . Parvathy loves good etiquettes . She is a happy person and makes all the people happy. She does not like being rude to others. She is very Feminine.She tends to ignore certain people, either if she has fallen for the person, and she gets jealous when he plays or flirts with some other girl, or if she hates someone because they've hurt her emotions. She is very sensitive . She gets angry really fast, but the person she loves, can get her out of it in just seconds. She likes to laugh a lot, tends to hate the summer hot sunlight. She has a big heart with the sweetest soul. She is a true treasure.The person who owns her is very lucky , and better be careful, or she might be someone else's in no time.
Katy- why is everyone so happy?
Martin- Because parvathy's here!
by NielMaverson November 26, 2013
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