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An idea in which a new player asks a profligate amount of request to party a strong player in order for the new player to become strong eventually or due to laziness of the new player making his or her character strong on their own. Usually occurs in MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) and the request is most likely rejected by the strong player due to the new player's lack of attention to the strong player's statements that he or she doesn't want to be partied with the new player. Can also be associated with noob.
New player: pt me, im noob

*Uses party command on Mayhem1230*

Mayhem1230: Can you leave me alone, you are so partyistic.

*Rejects party*

New player: plzzzzzzz, pt me, im noob

*Rejects party, resulting for the new player to spam the party command until Mayhem1230 agrees to party*

by StealthBlackHand March 20, 2009
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