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A very drunk person who brings a party to a screeching halt due to ridiculous behavior, i.e. vomiting, crying, fighting, etc.
After lying face down on Jamie's front porch and vomiting down the steps, Donny was named the Party Dick for New Year's Eve.
by J. Hole April 25, 2008
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A very stubborn, persistently ΓΌber-flaccid condition of the penis. Stubborn even with mouth-, puss- and/or ass-help present and Poppin. Occurs with some use or overuse of drugs, particularly methamphetamine.
"Say, 'no,' to drugs. Say, 'yes,' to abstinence. Thus, may you eliminate party-dick." -Your god
by ScumbagORscuzzbucket October 05, 2017
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I'm gonna tell y'all what a REAL "party dick" is.... it's when you're obviously drunk and whip that dick out and of course all the girls are like "oh gross!!! I can't believe he did that!!! I can't believe he did that!!!!" But then you, part dick guys' phone rings off the hook for the next month getting calls from those,same broads. That's a party dick. I coined it back in the 90's and "it" hasn't got old, yet.
by PDUSA August 10, 2018
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