Part two of my two-part definitions
by Fish money May 5, 2020
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Part two is The most amazing treat that was ever construed, and brought into TP
When Brian brought in part two, the whole class praised him because it was better then anything they had ever seen, in fact it was so great, Jesus himself came to experience the festivities
by Bryan walsh May 11, 2008
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Intellectuals: "Hey, have you seen JJBA Part Two yet?"

Non-intellectuals: "No, JJBA is gay."

Intellectuals: *struggling*
by Cheeseisavalidreligion November 9, 2019
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no homo day part two is on November 17th because, let's be honest, we all need a re-do
"eyy bro it's no homo day part two"
"oh sick bro let's make out cause we forgot the last time"
by salamihats October 23, 2019
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Now, you may find yourself not asking this: Does Rockwall have a punk scene? Nope. There is no scene of any sort here. Anything new or innovative is to be stifled by some dickhead normie with a shit eating grin. The closest thing to a scene here probably the influx of faggot teenagers vaping, because they’re either too retarded or too poor to get weed without getting caught by their parents.

Rockwall - Codex Petram 4th Edition
According to researchers behind Rockwall - Codex Petram 3rd Edition Part Two,
The ratio of section 8 housing to upper class housing is 4 to 14.
by CockwallTexasfuckingsucks February 12, 2018
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when you excrete excrement and feel the need to do so again soon after
"I think the dump I took earlier I thinks its gona be a two part episode"
by seanbasil89 August 12, 2009
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A two part series is when extenuating circumstances do not allow you to finish a bowel movement all the way.
I need to finish up this two part series because I had to answer the door while I was on the pot!

I can see that this needs to be a two part series, because i need to get back to work in 10 minutes.
by TTM May 10, 2005
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