A practiced skill with very limited purpose or functionality. Used primarily to impress people, but usually only once.
That squirting-milk-out-your-eye thing he does is just a cheap parlor trick.
by HeroSpirit August 23, 2017
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that guy dave from M.L.King High is now doing parlor tricks on the corner of lexington and fifth. what a chump.
by amol May 1, 2004
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Parlor trick (par-lour tr-ick)

The act of blowing meth filled clouds on one's penis. Typically used in a parTy setting/environment. (Verb)
I.e. ”Chris did a parlor trick on Ryan's fat cock"
by Trojan Prince February 14, 2020
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What da spider famously tried to play on da fly through verbal enticement --- i.e., inviting in said buzzy being with promises of fine and homey accommodations.
Even modern-day folks could take a lesson from Mary Howitt's early-1800's kiddie-poem --- there are always gonna be plenty of deceitful shysters around who will try all number of "parlor tricks" on you in an attempt to lure you into their "webs of deception", such as financial scams, empty promises of romance, false/exaggerated claims or destitution, etc.
by QuacksO July 11, 2023
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