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1. The undisciplined practice of using parkour in a flashy, boisterous manner for the sake of looking cool.

2. A girl who sees male practitioners of the parkour community as Point A and Point B. And then Point C...D...etc.
1. This guy has no passion is his movement. He's doing hardcore Parkwhore.

2. Damn, that bitch be vaultin' dick like a true Parkwhore.
by Skyhouse July 23, 2011
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A sexually promiscuous activity related to parkour, the sport focused on fluidly and creatively moving from point A to point B. However, in parkwhore, instead of fluidity and creativity, one must find the sluttiest way to get from point a to point B.
That was a really impressive parkwhore down the hall, especially the summersault into spread-eagle pelvic thrust. Well done!
by Beccaww December 05, 2009
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Not to be confused with PARK WHORE. A parkwhore rather, uses their "free running skills" which consist of jumping on things and dramatic posing to woo their friends on any given social networking site. They then brag about how it's a life style and they train vigorously day in and out! OHHH DRAMA! Better yet they get butthurt when police tell them they can't be jumping on things in public much like a butthurt skateboarder. All in all just an annoyance and can be dealt with by blocking said person on your friends list or for more fun inadvertently denounce his actions as "jumping up and down a curb".
dude shut up and stop being such a parkwhore, you shouldn't be jumping on other peoples shit anyways.
by AnonymousLegionnaire July 06, 2010
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