One of the most beautiful and talented men out there.

A beast on-stage but a sweetheart off-stage.

One hell of a dancer with powerful vocals.

Also one of the 8 members of ATEEZ, a K-POP group signed under KQ Entertainment. They debuted in 2018 and have great songs with great choreographies which you should definitely check out ;)
Person A: Hey, did you see this fancam of Park Seonghwa performing HALA HALA?
Person B: Yeah, that's the best thing I've ever seen. I regret not finding ATEEZ earlier.
by straysue May 10, 2019
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Park seonghwa is a vocalist of the 8 member boy group named ATEEZ. He is known as the motherly figure of the group, taking care of all the members and has a unique obsession with cleaning. He is a great dancer, singer, and rapper. Stan ATEEZ Stan Park Seonghwa
Hani: Park seonghwa! What are you doing again?
by Mari Atiny April 5, 2021
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