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A girl that will dig herself into your heart no matter how closed off your are. She's caring, amazing, beautiful, and is very passionate. She's sensitive, and all you want is to take care of her. She's very lovable and makes everyone happy.
Me: I think I love Paridhi
Friend: She's paridhi cool!
Me: fuck off
by griffinco July 08, 2015
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Paridhi is a noun which means 'realm of awesomeness'. For something to be proclaimed a Paridhi it must be exceptionally pretty, easy to talk to, related to pirates in some way, and its total length must be under 160cm
Wow, that Paridhi is so AWESOME! Why are they so rare? I wish there were more... (Although one is definitely good enough for me!)
by Batman__ November 22, 2009
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A 3 headed pirate that thinks everyone in the world should go bald
Hairdresser: What haircut do you want
Kid: Bald coz Paridhis here
by John glat March 30, 2019
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