A guy who lines his pants with crap, because he shits himself every time he's scared.
That Jester is such a Panty Liner.
by Arcca-Daton December 19, 2009
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The unfortunate horizontal marking across a woman’s abdomen when she wears ridiculously tight yoga pants while simultaneously wearing a panty liner.
Dude, check out that babe in the yoga pants...oh...she’s got a panty liner line!
by Jfman November 17, 2018
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Special Holy sanitary pads used by Mormon women to protect their Mormon Underwear from "the curse". These are sometimes also used by Mormon men to avoid being embarrassed by Mormon Crotch.
1. Naomi didn't want the class to know she would be unclean for a week, so she used Mormon Panty Liners to hide the shameful stain.

2. Upon seeing his 13-year-old bride, Jeremiah immediately developed Mormon Crotch. Fortunately he had planned ahead, and taped a Mormon Panty Liner over his throbbing member prior to the wedding.
by Cuntoleezza Rice May 12, 2008
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