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Fanta, the popular soda brand, but with a P. Used to avoid copyright in the Danganronpa franchise, being the favorite drink of Kokichi Ouma
John: I want to die I was at the dollar store and I carefully picked up a grape Panta and went "sexy boy..." because I thought no one else was there but I was WRONG

Kyle: what the fuck bro
by mahiruhanayo September 22, 2017
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The act of giving a hand job or blow job. Used as a secret code word so others dont understand what you are talking about.
Boy: "Panta?"
Girl: "Not tonight. My throat still hurts from yesterday."
Spectator: "What were they talking about???"
by King Jeffrey the 22nd December 08, 2010
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The Life of Designer, Im the Santa Panda .
Balled Out, Boss out, Designer From head to toe.
Hes the Fashion Panta.

That guy is Panta'd out BRO!
Im boss, PANTA.

GUY1: Bro, you know Josh?
GUy2: (knods) Panta
by L.O.D - PANTA May 22, 2016
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