Fanta, the popular soda brand, but with a P. Used to avoid copyright in the Danganronpa franchise, being the favorite drink of Kokichi Ouma
John: I want to die I was at the dollar store and I carefully picked up a grape Panta and went "sexy boy..." because I thought no one else was there but I was WRONG

Kyle: what the fuck bro
by mahiruhanayo September 19, 2017
bruh give me the panta
do you want any panta?
I saw some panta at the grocery store
by kaardofkaards February 26, 2019
A fiction drink/soda from the game Danganronpa V3. It’s pretty much grape Fanta but the company Spike Chunsoft doesn’t want to be copyrighted. *it never really shows up in the game execpt on a character named Kokichi Omas official art* Kokichi never mentions panta in the game.
Nigga this panta taste mad good
by Hair inside my crack February 8, 2020
The act of giving a hand job or blow job. Used as a secret code word so others dont understand what you are talking about.
Boy: "Panta?"
Girl: "Not tonight. My throat still hurts from yesterday."
Spectator: "What were they talking about???"
by King Jeffrey the 22nd December 8, 2010
*Founded in 2018 *A panta is what seyrah wanted to be in acrodance. Now there are 4 og's: purple panta, pink panta, blue panta, and yellow panta. There are some extras too like the green and special edition panta but they're not near as good as the og's😎.they are a group of iconic best friends They have funny phrases like "imma be panta", "panta powaa", "don't be a cheetah, be a panta", etc. Sometimes they wonder if seyrah meant panda. In the end she left them for a bear dance. sad.

panta documentary coming soon...
shes so cool she must be a panta
by pink panta June 18, 2020
where you have banter with penises.
hey kirstie, do you want to have some panta later?
by yaboi emmz March 18, 2017