A Panromantic person is a person that can be romantically attracted to all genders, but not sexualy
"Im Panromantic"
"Oh does that mean you fuck pans?"
"No. I wont fuck anything Jerry, hence the 'romantic' part"
by YaLiKeJaZz?? January 30, 2018
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When one can love all gender identities regardless of gender identity. If gender factors in to the romantic attraction, you are Omniromantic.

(Note: Not all Panromantics are Asexual. An example of a sexual orientation with Panromantic is Panromantic Polysexual, meaning romantic attraction to all genders regardless of gender identity and sexual attraction to multiple, but not necessarily all genders.
Ava has romantic attraction towards all gender identities regardless of gender identity. This means she is Panromantic.
by AmbivertAnnie July 31, 2022
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Its asexuality and pansexuality combined.
You know how people say its all or nothing, its all and nothing
You can romantically love EVERYONE but you don't wanna do the do with them
but there is a whole spectrum of things, go to tumblr there's this one blog that has a-lot of info about being pan-romantic and the parts of it.
Person 1: I have a crush on Alex
Person 2: but their non-binary
Person 1: So?
Person 2: We don't know whats in their pants, what if they have the same thing as you?
Person 1: Oh, im Panromantic *********** so its fine!
Person 2: ohhhhhh ok, SO how long have you liked them????
by FuckShitNoWhyWhoLetMeDoThis January 3, 2019
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Panromantic is pansexual asexual, meaning the person can be romantically involved with any sex/ gender, but does not have sexual feelings towards them. (If they do they don't feel the need to act on them.)
"I'm panromantic."
"What does that mean?"
"Pansexual asexual."
by ßandana's are ßæ May 6, 2016
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Able to be attracted to all genders in a romantic way, but not necessarily in a sexual way. Used by people that feel this romantic attraction applies to them, regardless of their sexual orientation.
"I'm a panromantic lesbian. It's when a girl is attracted romantically to people regardless of their gender, but she is only sexually attracted to other girls."
by AlinaKarib November 6, 2014
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Panromantic is a word that describes a person who is attracted romantically to any and all people. Meaning, if a girl is a straight panromantic, she could still date a girl, she would simply not be sexually attracted to that girl. If there were a gay panromantic guy, he could date a girl but he wouldn't have sex with her.
There is a difference between sexual and romantic orientation. Just because a sexual orientation is one thing, does not mean the romantic orientation is the same thing. And vise versa, the romantic and sexual orientations could be the same.
Being panromantic also does not limit gender. Panromantic is just like pansexual, without the sexual attraction.
I'm a straight, panromantic girl. I would date anyone, but will not have sex with a girl.
by atw July 21, 2015
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Attracted to all sexes in a romantic way, but not necessarily in a sexual way. Used by asexuals instead biromantic to disregard the idea that there are only two sexes.
"I don't get it. Bretta is totally hot, and she'll date anything, but she's still a virgin."
"That's because she's panromantic asexual."
by theflying_clubcup January 25, 2009
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