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1. Describes a Female Panda who does not want to give birth exactly when the Channel 4 News Team needs it too.

2. A person who pours and serves Pandas.

3. A person of large stature who has committed any sort of social fo-pa.
"You're ruining my segment, . . . Panda-Jerk!"

"That fat guy just spit in the buffet! Panda-Jerk!"
by Conrad Asshat December 16, 2008
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Pretty much the same thing as a jerk, but with the word panda added to make it more offensive.
Candice: Man, Ryan took the rest of the cheese crackers.

Kristen: Wow, what a panda jerk.

Ryan:*offended* Wha-

*everybody throws bamboo at him*
by LAWLZ OH HEY THERE May 05, 2009
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When you want to interview a panda but its too dangerous because its a wild animal and will literally rip your face off.
Your making me looks stupid , PANDA JERK.
by ERICISONFIRE May 29, 2010
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